Graphic Design

Big ideas, maximum success


This much we have learned: with a big design idea, you can hit the big time in business. No big idea, no chance.


The idea makes the real difference in any design campaign. It’s the key to getting ahead of your competitors. These days more than ever, it’s the

passport to quantifiable results: strong ideas generate dynamic responses that can be measured.


Lateral Line understands how to find genuinely productive ideas.


We’ve made a name for ourselves by energising brands with concepts and design work that are engaging, enduring, productive and unique to the chosen brand, product or service. Whatever your chosen means of

communication, wherever and whenever it has to happen, we ensure every idea remains truly yours and yours alone.


Our goal is a single, hard-working message delivered in consistent style, designed to intrigue, inform and inspire everyone it reaches. With a strong idea at the heart of your communication, we can better build

relationships and start dialogues. We discover how your customer’s mind works, which allows you to communicate with them even more easily, more quickly and more productively.


Briefs vary dramatically, of course, and targets change. So we have to be flexible, agile and sometimes brave: originality and brilliance can make you nervous – but boy, they can also make you money and a reputation.


Lateral Line Design Services

• Website / Interactive Design

• Design for Print

• Corporate Identity Development

• Branding


Connected Services

• Copywriting

• Photography

• Print Production

• Illustration


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