Strategic Planning

“You know where you’d like to be, but what’s the best way to get there?”

Even the most experienced business brains sometimes need a professional overview to help them find the best way forward, and the team at Lateral Line are more adept than most at navigating their way to success, usually via four waymarkers:

Review, research and evaluate

Before we go anywhere, we have to know where you stand. Working closely with the customer, Lateral Line research and evaluate the current status in the marketplace or business context, to clarify specific vision and aims. Concepts and conclusions produced at this point help us define the project.

Design to work

The information gathered during the first phase informs the look and tone of voice of the project (which should complement the overall corporate branding profile). Strong visual appeal alone is never enough: success lies also in achieving the agreed project aims and commercial objectives.

Whether the challenge is branding, identity development or web design, Lateral Line apply a consistent approach to help maximise results and strengthen the bond between the client’s brand and its audience.

Develop in detail

Final implementation has to fulfil the agreed design in every aspect, and for us that means applying the legendary Lateral Line attention to detail. We don’t just build scalable and flexible systems: we tailor them individually to the client’s needs, and as far as is possible we future-proof them too.

In delivering front-end code (XHTML, CSS, Flash, AJAX, etc), building web applications or configuring content management systems, we provide clean, standards compliant code with a view to easy, efficient updating and maintenance.

Improve beyond launch

The launch of a project is a beginning, as well as an end. Lateral Line offer services that can go on enhancing the work already done. Our clients can tap into all the documentation and knowledge transfer needed to sustain the project in its most effective, most productive form.

Remember, even the best website is pointless if only half a dozen people know it exists. Lateral Line’s search engine optimisation and online marketing strategies, tactics and tools can help you keep your target audience aware and enthused.


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