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Lateral Line provide high-quality custom web applications and turnkey solutions that help you maximise business efficiency.


It is no longer enough to clone your company brochure or catalogue and hope that simply putting it online will work a business miracle. Customers now expect more – much more – and your web application development and back end architecture have to respond to that heightened expectation, with strong, efficient server-side service that makes the most of the newest technologies.


What Can’t We Create?

In developing web applications, Lateral Line has been coming up with successful, business-building answers for years. Consider a few:


Secure Intranets

Delivering staff critical information where you want it, when you want it is an increasingly important facility. Lateral Line has created highly secure Intranet websites which include corporate portals, corporate networking, workforce and collaboration tools as well as secure data repositories.


Business Software Applications

Our track record in delivering complex business applications, allied to our skill in advanced web technologies, attracts clients who need simple to complex business software solutions. We’ve designed and developed customer management systems, advanced search applications, and procurement systems from basic to highly sophisticated.


The Complete Online Business Toolkit

Harness the web for your schedules and calendars, recruitment systems and training programmes, customer-facing and internal communication networks, and you improve your business efficiency, employee involvement, customer satisfaction and profit. Lateral Line know all there is to know about making the web work harder for you, in way minor and major, so if you want to succeed online, get onto Lateral Line.


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