Clydesdale Bank

One of the best known names in the world of Scottish finance, business and commerce, the Clydesdale Bank appreciates the importance of being part and parcel of everyday life. Which in Scotland frequently means football.

The Clydesdale commissioned Lateral Line to develop a visually distinctive website as part of its sponsorship of Scotland’s most popular national sporting league competition, The Scottish Premier League (SPL).

We created a high-level Content Management System, accommodating daily input such as score, fixture and team updates, to encourage fans into a season-long, fantasy league style activity. The Clydesdale sought a high-level of user interactivity, most notably in the ‘Score Selector’ and ‘Polling’ features – this was attained and complemented by social-media integration and Search-Engine Optimisation, which all helped gain exposure for click-through promotions.

The website experienced high-demand from repeat users, and the feedback system helped create further advertising, marketing and promotional opportunities.


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