Probably the most famous brand in the world is about more than classic television commercials and a logo that is off-the-scale iconic. Coca-Cola has to communicate with its own people and to the public in countless different ways on all sorts of media, on myriad occasions. Whatever the scale, whoever the audience, Lateral Line helps keep Coca-Cola Enterprises’ work consistent, confident and constantly effective.

We have developed solutions in interactive DST touch-screen technology, Flash animation and design, custom programming and calibration, on-site install and on-going update and maintenance.

We have scripted, directed, produced and delivered videos on essential safety procedures; interactive display systems on corporate responsibility and sustainability; and an immensely varied portfolio of printwork.

Transport can transform your brand and your message, especially when you create liveries that are as professionally designed, written and produced as those by Lateral Line. With Lateral Line on your side (and front and rear and roof) you’re well on your way to a raised profile, an enhanced corporate image and boosted business.

We have prepared bespoke livery for transport - the Coca-Cola 7s Hampden Bus was a striking success, thanks not only to the eye-catching exterior sides, front, rear and roof, but also to the interactive interior, which we designed and produced.


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